Homemade dark spot corrector

Best dark spot remover for face

watermelon has a moisture, fiber, vitamin A, B and C are high, beneficial to minimize skin damage due to the Sun and the skin will look at fresher. Here’s how easy enough by Super smoothies, tasty watermelon then applies evenly on your face then let sit for 15 minutes and then wipe the face up with warm water. Doing this way regularly with intervals at least 2 times a week.

One way of eliminating dark spot and age spots in the face is by using a mask on the skin was severe dark spot / age spot with lemon juice and let stand overnight. Lemon juice containing bleach and properties can be used as an effective natural remedy to get rid of brown spots other than lemon juice you can also use milk, because milk can help remove dead skin cells.

Another alternative is you could use a cucumber or aloevera has the same functionality that is very effective in the treatment of dark spots. However, if how to remove dark spots on the face of this has not been successfully you should consult a physician skin beauty expert.

Best dark spot corrector