Hydroquinone cream

What is hydroquinone cream?


Hydroquinone cream is used to alleviate age spots, dark spots, lighten freckles, and treat other discolorations of the skin. Skin can become discolored as a result of birth control pills, pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, or trauma to the skin. A doctor may opt to prescribe the cream for other medical conditions as well. This particular cream acts as a skin-bleaching agent, inhibiting enzyme reaction within skin cells. best dark spot corrector

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When using the hydroquinone cream for the first time, apply only a small quantity to an unbroken section of skin. After 24 hours have passed, discontinue use if the skin appears red, itches, or forms blisters. These allergic reactions will require a doctor's immediate attention. If no allergic reactions occur, it is safe to continue using the hydroquinone cream. best dark spot corrector

First, wash and dry the affected areas of the skin and massage the cream into the areas requiring treatment. Next, wash the hands after handling the cream. The medicine should be taken according to the doctor's orders. If a patient forgets to take a dose, she should use the medicine again as soon as possible.

Patients who use hydroquinone cream should avoid excessive sun exposure. Sunscreen and protective clothing should be worn to cover areas treated by the cream. The medicine should never be used on irritated or broken skin. Items that contain benzoyl peroxide or hydrogen peroxide should never be used when a patient is being treated with hydroquinone cream, as this can cause dark stains on the skin. If dark stains develop, stop using the peroxide and wash the skin with soap and water.
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Typical side effects of this medicine include skin dryness and cracking of the skin if the cream is applied around the nose or eyes. Patients may also experience redness or a mild burning sensation around the area where the cream was applied. Severe side effects require a doctor's immediate attention. These include rash, hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of the facial features or tongue, chest pains, blisters, darkening of the skin, chronic redness, stinging, or skin irritation.

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