Alpha-Arbutin Stronger effect than Hydroquinone or non?

Alpha-Arbutin Stronger effect than Hydroquinone or non?

What is Alpha-Arbutin?
Alpha-Arbutin better than Hydroquinone or non?
Arbutin is to think that most people would not know if it is well known to imply that, extracts derived from plants. So it is very effective groups acting Whitening. No side effects are similar (Hydroquinone) is not within the control of chemicals. best dark spot corrector

100% PURE Alpha-Arbutin Powder
100% PURE Alpha-Arbutin Powder
This is why it has been very popular and are a key ingredient in the cream is expensive, but in the past 5 - 10 years ago.

Over a year ago, have developed a Alpha-Arbutin. The compound was synthesized. And were able to stop the process of creating the pigment melanin in the skin. By inhibiting the enzyme Tyrosinase enzyme is to change the substance Tyrosine and Dopa to melanin.
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Alpha-Arbutin is considered a cheaper over-the-counter alternative to lightening treatments such as hydroquinone and d-kojic. The said medications can help lighten the skin tone and reduce dark spots in the process. Alpha-Arbutin also helps reduce skin darkening, targeting its root source by hindering the production of the enzyme tyrosinase. This enzyme triggers the production of melanin which is responsible for causing the brown pigmentation of the skin. The results of using Alpha-Arbutin are usually visible after using the product continuously for two to three month.

Products containing ingredients Alpha Arbutin
Nowadays, you can find many commercial goods with Alpha Arbutin as an ingredient, all of which aim to do more than just lighten the skin. They can also lessen skin impurities like erythema and age spots. The product line includes serums, lotions, and creams, body-bleaching formulas, body lotions, and other products that can reduce impurities while whitening the skin.
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Compatibility of Alpha-Arbutin with other lightening agents is not an issue but from the scientific perspective, there's no point in combining this compound with other products because the same result will still be yielded and not even at a faster rate. In fact, there are substances that may just cause absorption problems when they are used in combination with other agents.
Another thing that makes Alpha-Arbutin different from the Hydroquinone is its mechanism. The compound does not have to kill the pigment producing cells as it works to hinder enzyme production. This makes it safer to use than Hydroquinone which was banned in certain European and South African countries because of the potential harm that it can cause on the body.

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