Dark Spots on the Skin

Dark spots on the face, age spots (also know as liver spots) on the hand and uneven skin tone around the face, chest and hands can be caused by prolonged sun exposure, hormonal factors or acne damage. Dark Spots can add up to ten years to your appears. Whilst they are usually caused by the sun, which is why there are referred to as sun spots, there is usually a root problem such as Melasma that indirectly cause sun spots. However, dark spots on the face can be easily removed with the right dark spot remover to fade and lighten the un/derlying hyperpigmentation.
How can you distinguish the difference between age spots, liver spots and dark spots?
How do you remove dark spots on the face?
How can you get rid of them for good so they don’t come back?
We have analysis a handful of dark spot correctors and removers in our laboratories and are pleased to bring you the results.

best dark spot corrector reviews

The appearance of dark spots on the skin is not entirely uncommon, particularly as people age. It would seem that after a certain age the body starts welcoming these unsightly spots as a result of many different factors. Exposure to direct sunlight in the past and present, along with hormonal imbalances can be the main factors to blame for the development of dark spots. Additionally, acne, scars and age can also contribute to the proliferation of dark spots on the skin.
The effects of less than perfect skin are not only physical. When one’s hands and face start showing the effects of aging, not only is the appearance less youthful but one can feel less attractive and healthy. This is why there is a whole industry devoted to creating solutions to fade and eliminate the appearance of dark spots.

The most popular dark spot correctors.
The most popular dark spot correctors are manufactured by Garnier, Proactiv, L’oreal, Clinique and Olay. Whilst they might be the most cost effective, are they the best dark spot correctors? You’ll find the best dark spot correctors listed below. Dark spot correctors to get rid of dark spots are best in serum as they are more concentrated, therefore avoid cream dark spot correctors unless they are in prescription form. If you suffer from acne dark spots, it is best to get a diagnosis before beginning treatment to identify whether they are simply acne spots cause by post inflammatory hyperpigmentaiton or more likely real dark spots as treatment options for sun spots are very different. This review is specifically for over the counter products but we have given consideration to prescription products as well, such as hydroquinone. An effective dark spot remover must have two functions, it not only needs to shed the upper lays of the skin but it also needs to inhibit melanin production. When you visit a dermatologist, they provide you with two products to target dark spots.

Dark spots are mainly caused by an excess concentration of melanin on the skin. Options for treatment include chemical peels that can help exfoliate layers of dead skin. These peels may not be the best option for everyone, as skin sensitivity will vary from person to person. Other options include bleaching or lightening creams that contain components that can help reduce the extra pigmentation on the skin. Some of them are made of natural ingredients and others rely on ingredients such as hydroquinone, which has been heralded as one of the most efficient methods of eliminating dark spots on the skin.

Lists of Dark Spot Corrector
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Why Do People Have Dark Spots on Their Skin?

Dark spots on the skin are extremely common across all ages as well as ethnicity. When the darkening of skin is not even and only in patches, it can be a cosmetic nightmare. Dark spots are mainly caused by acne, blackheads, pimples and blemishes.
Having black spots on the skin can be embarrassing. It can be a hassle to cover up as well. Spots are common in middle-aged people, but it can affect people of any age. These dark blemishes can appear because of a number of causes. Here are some of the reasons why these unsightly spots appear on your skin.

best dark spot corrector reviews

Why Do People Have Dark Spots on Their Skin?
Age : It’s not unusual for middle-aged people to start developing age spots on their skin. In fact, this condition becomes more common as people get older. This is because melanin production increases as people age and all that excess pigmentation manifests itself on the surface of skin through these spots. Add constant sun exposure to the mix and these spots quickly become more apparent.
Sun damage : The ultraviolet rays from the sun stimulate the production of melanin causing spots to form on the epidermis or the topmost layer of one’s skin. This is why many young people, especially those who are fond of outdoor activities, are now suffering from a condition that is associated with aging.
Genetics : A person’s genes doesn’t guarantee that he or she will never have sun spots, especially with other factors like age and sun exposure still in play. Some people, however, are genetically predisposed to this condition. These people tend to develop dark marks quicker than others of the same age and who have the same amount of exposure to the sun.
Inflammation : When your skin is inflamed due to acne, injury, or inflammatory diseases that affect the skin, it tries to heal itself by producing collagen and melanin. Sometimes, our skin produces too much of these substances which ends up leaving a black mark where the inflammation used to be. This condition is known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
Hormones : It’s not unheard of for pregnant women to have black spots form on their forehead, the upper parts of their cheeks and lips, as well as on their chin. This condition is called melasma, and although there have been cases where men have been reported to have this skin condition; it is most common in women as it occurs in women 90 percent of the time. The appearance of these spots may also be triggered by undergoing hormone replacement therapy or taking birth control pills.

The best way to avoid dark spots is to take care of our skin. A good skin care regimen is important to prevent this condition. Cleansing, moisturizing and always using sunscreen is a basic skin care regime that can be done to protect your face from getting the dark spots, and finding the best dark spot corrector may take a trial and error period before you find something that helps your skin.